Monday, September 26, 2011

Ice Cream Hunt

I went to the Melbourne Show today. If you dont know what it is, it's a carnival that occurs every spring school holidays so that the kids have something to do. I haven't been in ages and you know you haven't been in ages if you can't remember how old you were. I remember the place was massive and there were ice creams trollies everywhere and I really wanted ice cream but I wasn't allowed any. Did you follow that without full stops?

My plan was to buy 3 show bags, go on some of the less twisty turny rides and eat food you would eat at a carnival.

I've never had a corn dog before so I had to have one. It's tradition in Hollywood movies and shit.

Let's say the taste was underwhelming.

Luckily it was sunny and fine so my friends and I started to crave for soft serve ice cream. We're at a carnival so it shouldn't be a problem. Soft serves should be everywhere.

But no. We could only find Peters Ice Cream which is the stuff you buy from the supermarket in big tubs. I don't want ice cream I can have at home!

We eventually found ONE stand that sold soft-serve. It was a new yoghurt plus ice cream recipe combination. It was better than nothing. I was just ecstatic that I finally got to eat soft serve ice cream.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

There's Something About Tom Hanks

This guy. This guy is so likable. I never really knew this but I am a huge, huge Tom Hanks fan. His small appearance in The Simpsons Movie made me leap out of my seat. With 64 roles under his belt, this guy is a legend.

I wonder if Tom Hanks googles himself, because it would be really awesome if he got to read this blog post.

It all started with Forest Gump.

Then it was That Thing You Do and You Got Mail. I was like seven years old and I thought "this guy is attractive" in That Thing You Do. I love watching repeats of Cast Away when the network decides to air it, no matter how many times I've see it.

But this was during the 20 years of my existent. One day I was so bored I decided to pop a DVD of Saving Private Ryan. I heard it was good but Matt Damon + War = No thanks!

And OMGlkjfoiuweorjsdiofhsiortj;osjf0!!!!! It was amazing! I was watching it on my mac with my Sennheiser headphones. I felt like I was in the war zone. I thought I was going to die. I decided any movie with Tom Hanks is a good movie, because the guy is so damn likable.

That's him in Saving Private Ryan. He's hard to draw.
My favourite character from this movie.

I even went to watch Larry Crowne [with an E] on my own in the morning. I would have preferred if I was the only one in the theatre though. Watching a movie by yourself in the morning in an almost empty theatre is much more pleasant than watching it alone at night, which was what I did with Spiderman 3 and yeesh, I felt awkward.

After the movie I thought, "must watch more Tom Hanks!" So I bought Apollo 13, The Green Mile, Turner and Hooch, and Philadelphia.

One of my favourite feel good films from him is the underrated The Money Pit. That had great slapstick comedy. I remember laughing my head off with my dad and sister watching that. It's about a couple trying to fix up a broken down mansion. See below? Mess.

P.S. Tom Hanks said his favourite movie of all time is The Space Odyssey. Now it's my favourite movie :D.

Monday, August 15, 2011

YO-YO Self Esteem

Everyone has heard of low self-esteem and high self-esteem. I have a combination of both.

One Moment I'm like this.

And then I'm like this.


 Recently I have been acting like this.

I tried to fix it of course.

By listening to my favourite songs.

Reading a book.

But of course, because of my bloody mood swings: